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Guide to Armenian IT companies


The Information Technology industry is one of the most successful and fastest growing industries in Armenia which promotes technology innovation and growing productivity.The sector is comprised of both indigenous and foreign companies, majority of which operate in Yerevan where professionals of the sphere are centralized and there are appropriate infrastructure for business activity.


The major specializations in the Armenian IT sphere include custom software development and outsourcing, chip design and testing, internet services, networking systems and communications, internet applications / e-commerce, financial software, IT consulting, and others. The majority of foreign companies are specialized in customized software development and outsourcing, chip design and testing, and networking systems and communications.

The local companies adopt two major business development strategies: being an outsourcing location for software development or producing and marketing their own software products and services.

Many companies are aggressively pursuing outsourcing opportunities and envision long‐term development in designing and marketing IT and software products.