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Ms. Tsakhkanush Sargsyan, Director

10/61 Shevchenko str, Yerevan

Phone: (+37410/96/99) 44 93 75

Fax: +37410 44 93 75



Since 2009 the company started maintenance of medical institutions databases analyses system for more than 20 healthcare facilities, and starting from 2010 for more than 400 facilities. 


In 2010 company developed several software components for medical institutions, as “Update tool”, “Monitor client” and “Online support”. For mentioned 400 Facilities users Company regularly organizes training both current and for every updated which is already provided by company. 


Company also developed “TB (Tuberculosis)automated information system” software component for TB penitentiary sector and “Human resources automated management system” software. 


Company developed information website, which gives opportunity Ministry of Health, State Health Agency and health care facilities to register and use information collected by MIDAS system /