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Innova Solutions LLC

601 r
oom, 6th floor, CITADEL Business Center, 105/1 Teryan Str., Yerevan, 0010, Armenia

Phone: + 374 10 51-43-94
Fax: + 374 10 51-43-95


The Company

Innova Group operates within the Telecommunications and IT ecosystem, providing complete solutions.

The Group aims to build a strong regional presence in South East Europe providing Communications and IT Solutions.
Innova Group currently consists of the following companies:

  • Innova S.A., being the headquarters of the Group, with its offices located at Maroussi, Attica, Greece
  • Innova Solutions S.A., with its offices located at Bucharest, Romania
  • Innova Solutions LLC, with its offices located at Yerevan, Armenia
  • Innova Solutions S.A., with its offices located at Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Innova Solutions Ltd, with its offices located at Tirana, Albania
  • TCE Technoevolution Ltd, with its offices located at Nicosia, Cyprus

The Activities

Value Added Services Solutions for Telecoms Service Providers

Innova Group has strongly invested in the area of VAS & Billing Solutions. Our Solutions support IMS, converged networks and hybrid environments - providing a smooth bridge between existing and emerging networks. Our scalable end - to - end solutions support flexible deployment models, including in network, hosted and managed services, to meet each service provider's unique marketing, billing, technology and business requirements.

  • Billing
  • Content
  • Messaging
  • IP Communications
  • FMC

Next Generation & IP Networking Solutions
The Next Generation Network which is based on IP technology must be capable of supporting the evolving multiplay services such as Video on Demand (VoD), IPTV, Voice over IP (VoIP) and other new bandwidth - intensive services that demand customer satisfaction. It is therefore critical for the organizations that such new services are able to be delivered with a positive customer experience.

  • Experience in designing bandwidth - intensive services
  • Know - how in multiplay environments
  • Focusing on end - to - end network control and security

Operation Support Systems and Information Technology Solutions
1. OSS Transformation
Our solutions and systems in this area are:

  • Network Fault Management
  • Performance & SLA Management
  • Service Provisioning
  • Service Assurance & Optimization
  • Inventory Management & Consolidation

2. IT Infrastructure Optimization
Our solutions cover the areas of:

  • Datacenter Infrastructure optimization
  • Systems Management
  • Data Protection & Availability
  • Storage Management
  • High Availability & Disaster Recovery
  • Data & File Archiving
  • Availability Management
  • Workload Automation

Information & Network Security

  • Enterprise Risk Assessment Services
  • Information Security Management Framework
  • Architecture & Technology Implementation
  • Managed Security Services
  • InfoSec Management Program Implementation

Wireless Network Infrastructure


INNOVA specialized in turnkey fixed & wireless infrastructure including rollout operation and maintenance.

Our Portfolio consists of:

  • Projects Management of integrated solution
  • Datacenter infrastructure deployment
  • Multivendor Planning and Engineering Services
  • Deployment Services:
  • Logistic planning & application Site Acquisition
  • Civil Works
  • Sites Constructions
  • Telecom Equipment Installations
  • Commissioning
  • After Sales Support / Maintenance

The People

INNOVA Group currently employs 120 highly experienced professionals in 6 countries with unique combinations of specializations and certifications along with wide market acknowledgement.
Our main initiative is to offer a customized approach to business needs by leveraging expertise and engineering capacity to deliver value to our customers.



  • Project Management
  • Marketing Consultancy
  • Security Solutions Consultancy & implementation
  • Next Generation Networking, planning, engineering,
  • optimization & implementation
  • Telecom Network Engineering
  • S/W Development Architecture & Design
  • VAS Services Design
  • OSS Planning & Engineering

The Future

We target to become established as one of the leading and recognized enterprises in the technology fields of our specialization, in the geography of our operation.
The current business lines as well as the market presence will expand towards a critical size to secure sustainable growth.
Our Vision

Innova Group envisages in a natural Communication ecosystem where people socialize, collaborate and access information securely, real time, in a simple and transparent way.

Our Mission

We are committed to build trust among our customers, assist them to evolve into a natural Communications ecosystem and contribute in obtaining their business goals.



Since the first year of operations, INNOVA has obtained ISO 9001:2000 certifications.
Our commitment to the quality of products, services and internal procedures have been awarded.