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Arminco Global Telecommunications

Arminco LLC

Mr. Arman Nersisyan, Director
62 Nikol Duman Str., Yerevan 0028, Armenia
Phone: + 374 60 27 00 00      
Fax: + 374 60 27 11 11    
Arminco, established in 1992, has been at the forefront of the Internet evolution and is a leading Internet service provider in Armenia today. Our goal is to utilize the leading position of Arminco in Armenia in order to develop and offer first-class services to customers in Armenia and its neighboring countries. Arminco Network is based on fiber optic ring, covering Yerevan city from North to South and from West to East. The network is in the process of expansion.
Arminco provides information, knowledge, advertising, IT consulting, and system integration services through its core business areas: Arminco Software products; Arminco Hosting and Design; Arminco Technical, Network and Software Support; Arminco Radio Modem and Fiber To The Home access.

Arminco is AMNIC domain name and ENUM directories authority for Armenia.