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Codics LLC

Mrs. Narine Ter-Ghevondyan, Director

27/4 Azatutyan Avenue, Yerevan, Armenia

Phone: +374 11 69 96 69

Email: [email protected]

We are CODICS, one-of-a-kind software production company, where we believe behind each code there is a story. We know that every new client and new project is a new challenge for our imagination, creativity and innovative thinking, since we create a new story with new characters and new plot each and every time. 

The superpowers we have are back-end and front-end development, UX/UI design, creative development, AR/VR development and app development. Using these, we have already provided our clients with various solutions such as event ticket booking systems, food ordering systems, video and music streaming, ERP development, CMS development, cloud infrastructure on AWS, educational games for kids, third party systems integration (CRM, email, ERP, etc) and so on. We take care of every detail and nuance in the project and this is why deliver tailored and original solutions.