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Instigate Robotics CJSC

Mr. Ruben Osipyan, CEO

111 Raffi, Yerevan 0064, Armenia

Phone: +374 60 46-47-00 (1015)

Fax: +374 10 24-29-19 

E-mail: [email protected]


Instigate Robotics cjsc provides SW-HW Engineering solutions for multifunctional multirotor copters in the mid and high end segment of the current UAV market. We distinguish ourselves with sound development experience and specialized knowledge of control algorithms. 


Instigate Robotics has developed a competitive advantage for itself and its partners by creating a manufacturing base in the free economic zone of Armenia. As a result our cost structure for both development and assembly is attractively low thanks to relaxed tax and customs procedure.

Key Facts:


High-Tech Multifunctional Multirotor copters

  • Specialized Control Engineering with International Partner for over several years
  • Coordinated Flight and Mission Level Software Development
  • Many Man Years of Expertise in Embedded Programming and Real Time Operating Systems

Located in Free Economic Zone, Yerevan

  • Large Production Site
  • No customs duty lowering development and assembly cost
  • Simplified Customs Processing, Tax holidays


Instigate advantage

  • Group of Companies Specialized in Wide Spectrum of SW-HW Engineering
  • Engineering Scope: Electronic Design Automation, Mobile&Web Solutions, Control Engineering, Video Coding/Encoding, Image Processing
  • Large team of Highly Skilled and Experienced Engineers
  • Representatives in the North America, EU, Japan, Israel, etc
  • 10+ locations in Armenia, US, EU, Georgia