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Institute of Radiophysics and Elecronics, National Academy of Sciences of Armenia

Mr. Arsen Hakhoumian, Director
Alikhanian st. 1, Ashtarak, 0203, Armenia
Phone: +374 232 32789

IRPhE was founded in 1960. Research and development is currently done in the following areas:
  • microwave transmitter and receiver systems for the study of the Earth and atmosphere;
  • radar systems;
  • communication systems;
  • dynamic control of physical parameters in semiconductor technological processes;
  • development of new class hetero- and nano- structure  based solar energy converters;
  • electromagnetic waves generation and propagation in plasma due to moving charged particles
Main research activities:
  1. Development and manufacture of Short-Range microwave radar for vehicle and human detection
  2. Development of automated anti-hail gun control system via clouds monitoring
  3. Development of biological and/or medical purpose microwave non-contact cardio and pulmonic activity detection radar for life monitoring under earthquake rubble  
  4. Development of RF matching systems for plasma etching