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Information Society Technologies Center

Mr. Levon Aslanyan, President
1 P.Sevak Str., Yerevan 0014, Armenia
Phone:             + 374 10 28-44-35      
Fax:                 + 374 10 28-44-35
Information Society Technologies Center (IST-C) was founded in 1999 as a spin-off from "Discrete Modeling, Analysis and Recognition" Department of Institute for Informatics and Automation Problems of National Academy of Sciences. Basic objective is the science intensive RTD, motivated by challenge of supporting development, implementation and wide use of information society technologies in Armenia, supporting the State and Society in Regulation in Knowledge Triangle - RTD, Education and Innovation. IST-C works in tight with European Research Area, - FP7 ICT and INCO NCP Armenia,
IST-C carries out both theoretical investigations: Discrete Optimization, Cryptography, Logic, Algorithms, Intelligence, Distribution and Complexity; as well as Information Technologies Development: systems with Data Mining, Word Processing, Internet Automation, Image Processing and Understanding, Network protection, etc. IST-C is involved in Science Management and Outsourcing activities.
Particular applications address systems for Earthquake Data Analysis and Special GIS; Software Agent systems, CSP models for WSN and Network Protection, OCR system for Armenian character sets, software for classification and prediction, Data stream analysis algorithms, Wireless Networks. Example projects are: INTAS 96-952 "Concurrent heuristics in data analysis and prediction"; NATO Linkage Grant HTECH-LG 96-1170 «Distributed Information Systems for Critical Social Issues»; ESPRIT (ICIMS-NOE 9251) - INCO COPRNICUS AMETMAS-NOE «A Network Of Excellence in Advanced Methodologies and Tools for Manufacturing Systems»; Esprit 23802, INCO COPERNICUS Extension GEIXS, «Geological Electronic Information Exchange System»; IST 12637 SPARTA, "Security Policy Adaptation Reinforced Through Agents"; INTAS 00- 626 "Data Mining Algorithm Incubator"; NTAS 00-397 "Data Mining Technologies And Image Processing: Theory And Applications", 04-77-7173 "Data flow systems: algorithms and complexity", Idealist, Extend-ICT and other projects.