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Macadamian AR CJSC


Ms. Sophie Mehrabyan, General Manager
Building 4, 3 H. Hakobyan Str., Yerevan 0033, Armenia

Phone: + 374 10 22 91 96
Fax: + 374 10 22 91 85
Email: [email protected]


Macadamian AR was established in October 2007 as a subsidiary of Canadian company. Macadamian is a full-service software product creation partner for North American companies that are developing new products and improving existing products. We contribute to initial product idea generation and user research then ensure the product is developed and delivered RIGHT out of the gate: the right product developed expertly, no matter how complex or time-sensitive the requirements are.


We are unique in our ability to help our clients determine what the best software product for their end users will be, contributing to initial idea generation and software product innovation. We excel at complex, time-sensitive projects and software products that are the first of their kind. We are unique because:

  • We contribute to the idea generation phase of software product creation, working with our clients to innovate and create products that meet with end-user satisfaction.
  • Our end-user research capabilities ensure that the product's intended customer helps shape the product and eliminate the risk of failure.
  • We are experts in tackling uncharted territory and complex projects, such as 1.0 releases, developing software for new platforms, and using beta technologies. These skills give clients the edge they needed to be first-to-market pioneers.
  • Our software interface design and usability expertise ensure that a product will be rapidly adopted by the intended users.
  • We are adept at stepping into a software development cycle at any point to immediately accelerate productivity and provide on-demand engineering horsepower.