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Armenia Telephone Company (ARMENTEL) CJSC

Mr. Igor Klimko, Director (2012)
Mr. Andrey Pytaxin (Since June 2013)
2 Avetis Aharonyan Str., Yerevan 0014, Armenia
Phone: + 374 10 28 41 50 ,   + 374 10 28 90 31      
                        + 374 10 28 57 61      
Fax: + 374 10 28 16 20
As the largest telecommunication services provider of the country ArmenTel CSC (brand Beeline), owned by VIMPELCOM OJSC, has always acknowledged its role and importance in the development of telecommunication sphere. Since April 7, 2008, right after the changeover of the ownership, VimpelCom has adopted a new development strategy. The introduction of modern technologies in the fixed and mobile networks of the company, the wide range of investments as well as professional services and innovative products continuously contribute to the improvement of telecommunication infrastructure creating competitive advantages and exciting opportunities for all its customers, both corporate and individuals.
Beeline services are constantly developing and expanding. Today, in the sphere of fixed telephony the company provides various services such as traditional telephony, Premium Rate, Free phone, 4 digit number, Dial-up, VoIp, ICDN, ADSL and Hi-line services as well as Internet and VPN services to ISPs and Business Companies.

In the area of mobile business Beeline offers its customers access to the most innovative services including “Third Generation” mobile connection technology ( including video- call and video –conferencing ), GPRS, MMS and WAP services. Due to the introduction of “Global Roaming” service the number of our roaming agreements with different countries has been sharply increased reaching 168countries in 2013.

The whole fixed telephony is being upgraded and migrated into IP packet network, which in turn will create the feasibility to provide broadband and multimedia services in Armenia. 3000 km fiber –optic lines are installed all over the country; the digitalization in the territory of Armenia has been reached up to 86%. Now the company is on its way to realize the introduction of the most innovative NGN converges technologies which will combine various types of telecom services into one customer - tailored package.

In the sphere of internet business Beeline is a dedicated supplier of different modern services. Today the company offers its customers a top modern technology- CDMA service for regions. It serves as a fixed telephony without wires and insures high quality of voice, wider opportunities of the network and fast internet. Recently Hi Line, a new internet service based on ADSL technology, has been also introduced. It has significantly better performance (100times faster as compared with Dial-up) and gives our customers a wonderful opportunity to download films, music as well as to travel in the internet and enjoy themselves.

In  2012 company continued programs, directed at improvement of quality of its customer service. Within those, company introduced new concept of sales and service offices division. Thus two types of offices were introduced: offices that provide full range of services both for fixed and mobile services, (universal offices) and those serving only mobile customers. As of December 2012, company operated 79 universal offices and 7 mobile service centers in Armenia.

In 2012 the committee consisting of the representatives of the Ministry of Nature Protection of Armenia and Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs of Armenia, as well as Confederation of Trade
Unions and the Republican Union of Employers of Armenia recognized “ArmenTel” as the most ecologically responsible service company of Armenia.

Besides the fairly justified commercial aim those development initiatives are targeted to assist GOA in its challenging task to break digital divide and make Armenia a country which is fully integrated into Global Information society. As a former incumbent operator “ArmenTel” sees its role in assisting to projects related to Armenia’s sustainable development. Corporate social responsibility strategy of “ArmenTel” Company is implemented under the slogan «Bright Future with Beeline».