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Mr. V. Aleksanyan, Director
Yerevan, 7 Koryun street, off. 3
Tel.: +374 60 37 00 00      

New fixed-line telephone operator in Armenia.
From June 2010, CrossNet has been officially recognized as the first alternative fixed telephony operator in Armenia.
CrossNet offers services of new fixed-line telephony in Armenia with non-geographical codes using cable lines and IP technologies.
Telephony services provided by the company have all fixed line telephone features with a new dialing code (060) and a phone number starting with (37), (40), (43), (47), (48), (49).
The new fixed telephony with a new dialing number (06037x x x x), (06040x x x x), (06043x x x x), (06047x x x x), (060348x x x x), (06049x x x x),allows to use the following services of modern telephony:
  • local and long-distance calls
  • calls to mobile operators of Armenia and Karabakh
  • international calls
  • triangular and conference calls
  • fax
  • creation of corporate networks
  • creation of corporate automatic exchange systems providing gating of numbers from 8 to 98 (system price included in the connection fee) 
  • online checking of balance
  • possibility to check the current credits by dialing only certain digits
  • unchanged phone numbers in case of office moving.