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Mr. Gevorg Sargsyan, Founder & CEO

Yerevan, Alek Manukyan 9

Phone: +374 60 61-22-39 

Email: [email protected]


Being the team behind such games as Panda Jam, Paint Monsters, etc. Plexonic is a creative game development studio that places great emphasis on creating new dimension in casual and social gaming world. Plexonic’s team culture is clearly reflected in the games and development tools we design and develop. We tend to connect people all over the world with our awesomely fun games and immersive gameplay experience. 


Plexonic team is also creator of SALTR, revolutionary app personalization platform. 


With SALTR your team can:


Maximize revenues from every segment of your user base


  • Find unique feature and pricing fit for every specific user segment of your user base
  • Empower your team to take actions and measure in real-time


Release apps 2x faster
  • Boost your team’s productivity by giving everyone access of balancing, playing and trying new configurations independently from each other
No more waiting for App Store approvals
  • Deliver changes and tweaks immediately to your app. Don’t bother users with frequent updates for balancing levels, settings and prices. Every user gets their unique setup and balancing seamlessly from SALTR servers.