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Aviainfotel CJSC

Ms. Barbara Muradyan, Director
2 Miasnikyan Str., Yerevan 0025, Armenia
Phone: + 374 10 57 18 01, +374 94 200 213
Fax: + 374 10 10 57 18 01
Founded in 1999, Aviainfotel is specialized in the creation, implementation and support of technological tools, large scale management information systems and their components.
Aviainfotel develops products and solutions for corporate customers ranging from government and large corporations with geographically spread business to medium/large enterprises and creates Internet solutions for tasks facing small-size businesses and private entrepreneurs.
Aviainfotel sees its mission in the professional and qualified automation and optimization of customers' business processes, with special emphasis on controllability, efficiency, information security and analytical capabilities. The mission is realized based on own technological tools, using also existing high-level solutions (Oracle, ESRI, Borland, SUN, Intel, etc) every time with smooth data exchange between own and integrated technologies, covering complete chain of process, from designing of concept up to training and commissioning.
Aviainfotel's solutions for governmental tasks include Border Management Information System, Identifications Documents Information System, E-Visa System, Police Investigation System, which are successfully and full-scale exploited for many years by National Security Service, Police of Armenia, Border guards of the Russian Federation, MFA of Armenia and its consulates worldwide.
Aviainfotel's solutions for corporate management task include Total Airport Management Information System, GIS based ERP solution, Human Resources Management Information System, Sequence Management Systems, Intellectual Mapping Technology, which are successfully used by various corporate customers for many years.
Aviainfotel has built a sophisticated search and indexing algorithm that makes it possible to perform extremely large volume of search transactions and analysis in huge databases in seconds.
Aviainfotel's solutions for large circle of public include technologies for high-quality presentation of cultural heritage and historical monuments, technologies for interactive presentation of roads, e-learning, multilingual dictionaries, multifunctional electronic maps, duly introduced in our representative website Here company efficiently co-operates with domestic and foreign national cultural centers, international funds, research institutes, like Matenadaran, HOPE Foundation, etc.
Aviainfotel actively co-operates with companies and organizations from the USA, India, CIS, Middle East and Europe.
In 2001, Aviainfotel received the President Prize of the Republic of Armenia in the area of "Technical sciences and information technologies".