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Gyumri Information Technologies Center 

Ms. Narine Khachatryan, Director
1 Gay str, Gyumri, 31005, RA
Phone: +374 312 4 03 43 
Mob.: +374 94 03 40 34,      
Gyumri Information Technologies Center (GITC) is a post-graduate educational institution created as a result of a vision that aims to capitalize on the intellectual capital of Armenia's rural regions to foster the expansion of the IT boom from Yerevan to other major cities, and consequently throughout Armenia.
The main focus of the Center is to develop the IT potential in rural areas, and major cities other than Yerevan, as a means to create job opportunities and utilize local human capital for stimulating the Armenian economy. The government of Armenia supports the development and growth of IT within the country, although this policy is pursued mainly to the benefit of interests located in Yerevan where the main players are branches of well-known multinational IT companies such as Synopsis, Lycos, Virage Logic, Synergy etc. GITC has positioned itself as a medium for drawing the IT industry into areas outside the resource-rich capital of Armenia.
GITC's curriculum is market-driven. We work closely with IT companies in Armenia and abroad, in training technology professionals that will be ready to meet the needs of the global IT market. Currently, the school offers two main courses of study: Web Technologies and Mobile Technologies.