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Locator CJSC

Mr. Arman Khachatryan, Director
8 Adonts str., Yeravan, 0014, RA 
Phone: + 374 10 28 58 28

"Locator" CJSC offers a system of transport means routing and managing, which uses the GPS/GLONASS positioning system and the resources of mobile phone net (GSM GPRS). Based on the high resolute satellite images we have created the precise and detailed map of the whole Armenia and its capital Yerevan. The company specialists had created such a specific program system which precisely defines and presents the geographical position, speed and move direction of the controlled object to the client.

The services of "Locator" CJSC are aimed for the companies interested in raising the labor discipline, reducing the maintenance expenses of the garage, increasing the quality level of transportation services, ensuring the safety of transportation.

The technologies of positioning work in different business fields and we offer a complete package of ready solutions of tasks connected with staff, transport means and loads control.
These solutions are for the products of such type organizations as:
  • taxi services, 
  • delivery services, 
  • transportation services, 
  • banking and fund-delivery organizations 
  • medical institutions, 
  • state structures. 
Considering the specification of the tasks set forth by each client we are ready to give a specialized solution applying our programming resources and using our many-years experience and knowledge.