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Mr. Edward Manukyan, Director
Suite 504, 
 building 10, 105 Teryan Str., Yerevan 0009, Armenia 

Phone: + 374 10 58 97 44, +374 94 43 18 87, +374 93 43 55 57
Email: [email protected]


ISMA Ltd is a software company specializing in the development of applications using  artificial intelligence technology. The company was founded in 1995. ISMA's clients  include large companies, SMEs, government and development agencies. ISMA Ltd offers solutions in the areas of database management systems, speech processing, and text  processing and translation utilizing artificial intelligence technology.


The list of company's products includes:

  • ISMA expert system, a tool for forecasting regional geo‐political situation;
  • MacroTool, a program for visual development of multimedia applications, presentations, and animations;
  • ISMA Developer, a tool for building distributed information systems;
  • Automated school testing system, an application for testing students specializing  in science and engineering.

Currently, the company is developing a machine translation system based on artificial intelligence system. Now system is including Easter Armenian, English, Western Armenian languages. Russian and Turkish languages adding in system is in process. As auxiliary services, the system offers explanatory dictionaries, text analyzers and spell checkers.