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Mr. Arsen Taroyan, Director
3 Hakop Hakopyan Str., Yerevan 0033, Armenia

Phone: + 374 10 27 77 79, + 374 10 27 69 70, +374 10 22 65 02
Fax: + 374 10 27 68 52
Email: [email protected]


YCRDI CJSC is specializing in the design and implementation of complex management information systems. The company was founded in 1956 and employs over 360 highly qualified professionals. YCRDI is an ISO 9000 certified company.


Our portfolio includes the following products:

  • Measurement and control system used at various utility distribution networks, such as electrical, natural gas, water, and thermal energy, for measurement, control, and management purposes;
  • Communication security systems implemented at a number of government agencies and commercial banks;
  • Management information systems used by social security, health care, pension, and other government agencies and organizations;
  • Optical character recognition and text-to-speech systems.

Our company has extensive experience in the design, development, and implementation of large computerized systems, software and hardware solutions for radio electronics industry, specialized systems, and customized software products.