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LiteSoft LLC

Mr. Razmik Khachaturyan, Director

Nar-Dos 1 bs. 4/3-7, Yerevan, RA 

Phone: +374 60 500 022

Email: [email protected]


Litesoft LLC. was established in 2006. The main occupation of the company includes development and support of the software applications dedicated to automate the performance of insurance, investments and other financial sector companies.


In spite the fact that the company was initially created to automate the certain sector of economics – in particular the insurance sector, in the short period the company has succeeded to get its stable place in the market of development and support of the software applications in general. A proof of this is the increasing number of company partners from year to year.


Since 2009 company has widen its activities in the other sectors of economics as well, such as the development of automate systems for different companies, printing and encoding of plastic cards, selling printers and accessories for plastic cards printing and implementing websites (we offer 3 types of websites: visit card style, online e-store and corporative websites).


The literate realization of the investment policy is very important for the developing market of Armenia, which you can achieve by becoming a partner of Litesoft LLC. During its activity, the company not only created a real opportunity to make this market of economics effective and profitable, but also to significantly cut down expenses and save the valued time. This can be confirmed by our partners who already tried cooperation with us. On top of this, the production of the company is not only fitting all strict requirements, but is also simplified down to every function, while having quite complex structure – this is exactly what the automation is. Our production is created to ease the work of the user and to avoid unnecessary loss of time – in this respect a rich system of links is created which allows users to get all the necessary information and to use it right away without additional doubts.


The company staff includes top qualified professionals with solid experience in development and support of financial and banking systems. This acts as one of many guaranties of the qualified and up-to-date activities of the company. As a proof of this we can present you the number of employees in the company, which increased trice in the period from 2009 to 2010, and additionally has duplicated in the first six months of the year 2011. 

LiteSoft considers its clients as partners. Therefore the slogan of the company is: Cooperation with us is a part of your progress!