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MaSys Information Systems Ltd


Mr. Armen Manukyan, Director

#22,23 David Anhaght Str., Yerevan 0051, Armenia 

Tel: +374 60 463 626, +374 10 209 100

Email: [email protected]


Masys Informational Systems company is specialized in development of firms  integrated business management systems.The company has Business Intelligence platform, which closely workes with web technologies and languages and also it is localized based on the company's business processes, financial resources management and financial management details.The company also specializes in Trading and Logistics Management systems.


"MaSys Information Systems" Ltd. (hereinafter "MaSys") is a leading IT company offering high quality services for the advancement and improvement of industry or business providing cost-effective solutions. Our main objective is to give the best software solutions to our customers, to help in designing, developing, testing, and managing various programs. MaSys provides services to an array of companies in various industries worldwide.


The main services offered by our company, are the following:

  • Business Process Analyzing and Modelling Tools
  • Assets, Accounts and Business Units Management
  • Supply Chain Management, CRM, ORDB/ORM/EAI, ERP
  • Unstructured Data Processing Backend Systems
  • Web Application Development: Design, Building and Deployment
  • Web based flexible trade management systems, Online Shops
  • Full Support (monitoring, administration, systems operation, remote call-center)

Competitive Advantage

  • Highly Professional and Experienced Staff:
  • 3 to 16 years' professional work experience;
  • experts' database includes numerous PhDs to be used in knowledge-intensive projects.
  • Reasonable Price.
  • Effective Strategy based on unique Software Development Methodology/
  • Quality Project Management: internal and external communication.
  • Security: advanced security components; strict confidentiality rules on business information.

Staff and Technology Expertise


MaSys core staff includes highly qualified system analysts, software developers, web-designers, testers, project managers and specific industry professionals that are capable of developing any IT automation and software development project from scratch, beginning with process analysis and setting requirements to delivering the solution itself, in time and within pre-set budget.


IT expertise

  • Computer languages: C/C++/Managed C++, C#, Java, Delphi, Assembler x86, JSP, PHP, JavaScript, SQL, Action Script 3.0;
  • Environments and Systems: MS Visual C++, Borland C++ Builder, TASM, Borland Delphi, Borland Java Builder, Microsoft .Net Framework 2.x;
  • Technologies: Win32 API's, MFC, ADO, ASPX, ActiveX, OLE, RPC, Windows API, VCL, HTML/DHTML, XML/XSD, Ajax, J2ME/J2EE, Cross-platform multi threading and processes sync tools (POSIX, System V, Windows), Servlets, SOAP, BSD sockets, WinSock, ODBC, Adobe Flash/Flex, CGI C++, PGP/GPG;
  • Protocols: TCP/IP, UDP, HTTP/HTPPS, SOAP, RPC;
  • Databases: MySQL, ORACLE, MS SQL server, INTERBASE, Access;
  • Operating systems: MS DOS, MS Windows 3.x/9x/NT/2000/XP/Vista, Linux RedHat/Debian/Fedora.