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Boomerang Software LLC

Ms. Nairi Avetisyan, Director  

Abelyan 6/1, 0038,Yerevan

Tel.: +374 10 39 32 21 (ext. 23)

E-mail: [email protected],,,,  



Boomerang Software was founded in 1997.

Has a successful track record of over 12 years of stable operations, western style management.

For many years it has created models, applications and back-end servers for e-transactions. 

Over 200 man-years of work.

Provide complete software solutions for transactions web portals.

One of the leading providers of client-side E-Commerce Web-based tools with over 2 million unitsshipped.

Created solutions for known apps such as HP, AOL, Microsoft and others.

Modern work environment, Secure Infrastructure, Networks, Disaster Recovery plans, and redundant