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Digital Pomegranate LLC

Mr. Artur Ghandilyan, Director

Gayi 1, Gyumri Technology Center, Gyumri 3104

Phone: +374 93 75 89 51

Email: [email protected]


Digital Pomegranate is a new type of service provider, combining both service and software to go beyond the one-time service model of developing and launching a website. In addition to its suite of cloud-based solutions, Digital Pomegranate’s marketplace gives small business what they need most - affordable cost for the recurring, skill intensive activities of their websites such as custom web design, graphic design support, video editing, 2D animation, online marketing campaigns and more.


This "one-two punch" distinguishes Digital Pomegranate apart from others out there in the cloud based, Software as a Service (SaaS) market. Small businesses can now put the full power of the web to work for them with e-Commerce, customer management, online marketing, newsletters, social media, online newsroom, appointment book scheduling, event management and much more.